Manage your cellar with the right touch!

Platform for family winemakers to manage their work in the cellar quickly and easily.


Simplify cellar management.

All in one place

Keeping information in different places like notebooks, excel-sheets or even your mind is frustrating. Discover the history of your wine with your smartphone.

Never forget

Paying attention to multiple tanks is difficult and it can end up with forgetting something important, like adding sulfur in wine. Be reminded on time. Worry less.

Know fermentation better

You lack time to constantly measure sugar in the tank during the harvest? Monitor your fermentation automatically and continuously. Have time for other tasks.


Touch your cellar.

Tanks in one place

Log into the EnoAPP and get a full control over all of your tanks in the same place, on one list. Scroll trough the tank cards and tap the one you want to inspect in more detail.


Performing task

Pick the task you’re currently performing and record it into the platform to be more effective during your work. You can add manual measurements in 3 easy steps. This is the first.


Scan selected tank

Select the tank you want to add a manual measurement to. In the second step you should approach your smartphone to the QR code sticker and let your camera do the work.


Add measurement

Select the parameter you’ve just measured. Type the value and save the measurement in the third step. You can add as many measurements as you need.

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Smart sensor.
EnoMeter is a smart sensor that is able to measure sugar and temperature. It can be easily mounted on your tank through 1/2 ” mount and uses a battery as power supply. It measures wine parameters automatically and continuously and sends measured data via Bluetooth to your smartphone.


How does it work?

Attach EnoMeter

Attach EnoMeter on your tank through 1/2″ mount and activate it.

Run EnoApp

Run EnoApp on your smartphone and download measurements from the EnoMeter via bluetooth.

Upload to server

Upload all data from your smartphone to the server when internet connection is available.


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